How to Make Childs Summer Hat

How to make Childs Summer Hat

If you need to protect baby head in summer days try to sew this nice children's hat. This easy tutorial helps you make a baby sun hat with easy.

This kids hat has two detail only

Pattern of summer hat has two detail

Pattern of this summer kid's hat is very simple and has two detail only.
This short tutorial is free version. Full step-by-step tutorial with patterns (4 sizes) you can buy for $ 5. Pdf files we send email. E-mail for sending your letter see on the contact page.
Note: To print pattern file pdf you will need programm Acrobat Reader.

First steps of sewing summer hat

Before sewing fasten edges of hats

If you will cut both parts of hat from different fabrics you can have a reversible hat that can be worn on two sides.
Place both sides of fabrics face to face together. Before sewing fasten the edges of hats as shown.

Sewing both halves of hat together

Now sew both halves of hat together with seam allowance 1 - 1.5 cm. Do not forget to leave a small segment through which we will turn out to the front side.

How to clip and trim a seam allowance

How to clip a seam allowance

Now you need clip the seam allowance, as shown. Do it along inner curved area only.

How to trim convex area

Now you need to trim convex area close to attaching stitches.

Baste stitches along edges of hat

How to turn out a hat through hole

It's time to turn out the hat through this hole.

Decorative stitches around brim

Once the hat is flipped right-side out you need begin to do decorative top stitches around brim.

Baste stitches along the edges

Before sewing on sewing machine you need to do a lot of baste stitches slanting along these edges of summer hat, as shown.

Press all edges of hat

Press all edges of hat, as shown.

Press edges of hole also

Press with hot iron edges of hole also, as shown.

Baste stitches along edges

Now you need sew with baste stitches this segment. It is necessary to close this gap that you left and make a nice clean edge with stitch all the way around.

Decorative stitches around edges

Stitching edges a hat

Now you can stitch on sewing machine along edge of hat, as shown.

Double decorative stitching line

Make such double decorative stitching line, if you want.

Two holes for buttons

Two holes for buttons

Now you need make two holes for buttons on both parts of this children's summer hat.

How to cut split with seam ripper

Now you need cut an internal split of buttonhole with seam ripper.

Sewing buttons by hand

Attaching the buttons by hand

Now you need to attach buttons by hand and put on this children's summer hat on head your kid and enjoy!

With buttons you can change size a hat

With these buttons you can change a size of hat. The bigger is distance between buttons, the larger will be size (diameter) a cap.

Kids summer hat is ready

Kids summer hat

So nice will be looked this summer hat on head your baby or children.

Back a summer hat

This is back view a summer hat.

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My sewing patterns pdf
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