Old Juki Sewing Machine Manual

Juki sewing machine old model manual

Before buying your first sewing machine you can choose a new modern sewing machine or pay attention to old models. For the same amount of money cost new budget model of sewing machine, you can buy an old sewing machine having a much more options.
In this article will be examined some technical aspects of one such sewing machine.

Japanese sewing machine Juki 510

If you want to buy an old model sewing machine pay attention to this old model of the Japanese sewing machine Juki 510.

Juki sewing machine

This model of Juki sewing machine was made in Japan in the late 80s.

Reverse lever sewing machine

On this photo shows power key (right) and long reverse lever sewing machine.

Regulator of upper thread tension

This is regulator of upper thread tension.

Presser foot lever

Presser foot lever is located on front panel. That lever is convenient to use.

How to adjust height of feed dog

This disk is used to adjust height of feed dog relative to needle plate. If you switch the disk to the right the teeth of the feet dogs fall below the level of the needle plate. In this position, the sewing machine can be used for embroidery and darning.

Stitch selector and stitch length dial

Stitch selector and stitch length dial

On the right side of the sewing machine are established a handwheel, stitch selector and stitch length dial.

Pressure regulator

Pressure regulator is under front cover. The cover is easy to open.

Extension table of sewing machine

Extension table of sewing machine

Note how easy can to fold an extension table of this model a sewing machine. To access to free arm you need only press the extension table. Not all modern expensive models of sewing machines have this option, however.

Bobbin winder device

Bobbin winder device is no different from other sewing machines.

Set of sewing presser feet

How to remove presser foot

This Juki sewing machine has ability to easily remove presser foot and to set another.

Set of sewing presser feet

The Juki 510 sewing machine has a lot of sewing presser feet.

Compartment for presser feet

On top of the sewing machine body is compartment for these presser feet.

Vertical rotary type of shuttle hook system

Type of shuttle hook system

The most important feature of this model is type of shuttle hook system. The Juki model 510 has a vertical rotary shuttle hook. This type of shuttle runs at high speeds and provides a reliable stitch formation. However, such machines are usually more expensive than sewing machines having oscillating hook.
A rotary hook machine is a machine in which a hook rotates in a full circle around. In order to form a stitch it must make two full circles around.

Bobbin case with a finger

There are bobbin cases which have a "finger" and there are without bobbin case finger. It depends on the type of the shuttle hook system. All models of sewing machines with (vertical oscillating shuttle hook have a bobbing case with finger.

Bobbin case of industrial sewing machines

Such type of bobbin case is used in industrial sewing machines and most expensive home models sewing machines.

Threading a sewing machine Juki 510

Threading a sewing machine

Threading a sewing machine is simple and intuitive.

Thread take-up lever

On this photo shows a thread take-up lever area.

Threading a needle

Threading a needle.

Making an automatic buttonhole

Lever for making an automatic buttonhole

This lever is used during execution of automatic buttonhole. Such way of making buttonhole is only available in expensive models of sewing machines. This is one of the advantages of Juki 510 sewing machine.

How to switch stitch selector

Each presser foot has an own number. When you switch stitch selector on display will be prompted to choose which foot.

This display indicates stitch length

This display indicates stitch length.

The old models sewing machines made in Japan often have a lot of functions and features that do not have many modern models. The modern analogue of the old sewing machine Juki 510 costs at least $ 1,000. The old Juki 510 you can buy in the range of $ 100 - 300. The only condition: it is necessary to check serviceability and correct work of the machine before buying.

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