About me and my team

Website creator and owner

Hello! I am Natalia, the creator and owner of this site.
I have been working as a womenswear designer in my own studio for over 20 years. I also have many years of experience in the clothing industry. So my clothing patterns are industry oriented, which means your finished clothes will have professional ready-to-wear look!

In recent years, I have begun to teach beginners how to sew clothes.
I have always enjoyed designing and sewing clothes, and now I make my knowledge and experience available to everyone who loves to sew, this is what I love to do.
My team is very small. I am just a woman with some professional knowledge and sewing tools. I do absolutely everything myself: from creating my patterns to writing lessons and manuals.
An experienced technician helps me write lessons on the operation and repair of sewing machines.

The process of creating sewing tutorials and drawing up patterns is not easy and time consuming. For this reason, some lessons and templates are available in the full version for a fee.
English is not my native language. If you find errors, please help me fix them.

If you want to learn how to sew

If you want to learn how to sew

Most women, especially young girls, would like to learn how to sew and mend clothes. But many of them believe that it is too difficult, and they may not learn how to sew and especially how to make patterns, how to use a sewing machine correctly.

This is partly true, because only an experienced tailor can sew a dress that is ideal for a female figure. To sew any clothes correctly and easily, you need to study and do this for many years.
Start practicing on less complex sewing operations and sewing simple things, gradually move on to more complex sewing operations.

When you have mastered the basic sewing skills, get some sewing machine skills, you can start learning how to make patterns.
With the help of our website, you can learn how to sew patterns for some types of women's and children's clothing (skirt, shorts, trousers, etc.) yourself.
Before publication, all lessons and tips are checked by an experienced specialist and teacher.
Also, our site will help you get not only basic knowledge of sewing technology, but also learn how to work on a sewing machine and even repair your sewing machine.

How to use and repair a sewing machine

How to properly use and repair a sewing machine

My website has tutorials and tips on how to use and repair sewing machines.
If you have a home sewing machine, you need to know how to adjust the thread tension. You need to be able to clean and lubricate the sewing machine. If you know how to use some of the tools included in the sewing machine tool kit, you can do more sewing operations. Using our tips, you can even repair your sewing machine.
On my site you can find some basic troubleshooting guides for common sewing machine problems!

In many articles you can find practical actionable tips on what to do if your sewing machine stops working.
Read them and you will be surprised how often you can repair a sewing machine yourself without going to a sewing machine repairman. Because regardless of the type and brand of machine, the basic principles remain the same.
So all the tips from the site www.sewway.com in many cases will help the sewing lover.

Note: Information about the use and repair of sewing machines has been prepared especially for you by our service technician. Such information is rare and unique; You won't find it anywhere else for free.