Taking Female Body Measurements

Taking womens body measurements

For sewing women's garments you need to take a few additional measurements. Learn how to take women's body measurements correctly.
Note: For best results I recommend you to use a flexible measuring tape, not a metal one.

Front body measurements

Front body measurements

Shoulder length
Shoulder length is measured from neck side along the shoulder to its end. When you raise your hand you can to feel a hollow spot between bones. This joing between both bones is the end a shoulder.

Neck circumference
Wrap a flexible measuring tape around a base of neck without tightening it tightly. This measure is used fully.

Bust circumference
Chest (Bust): Wrap tape around your bust. The tape should pass at fullest parts of your bust and shoulder blades.
This measurement of circumference of chest is used in half size.

Waist circumference
Measure the circumference especially carefully. This measurement is main for drafting skirts or pants. If you go wrong, your skirt will be in waist area too loose or cramped. Don't suck in your stomach, don't take this measurement yourself.
To more accurately determine position of your waist line, tie yourself with a thin elastic tape.
Note: Depending on direction of fashion, a waist line can pass below natural level of waist.
A waist measurement is used in half size.

Abdomen circumference
Abdomen circumference is used to draft a pattern of clothing in event that a circumference of abdomen is more circumference of hips.

Hip circumference
If you have a normal standard figure, then hip circumference will be the largest measurement.
Note: When the "Hip circumference" is more than 130 cm, for sewing skirt or pants, you need use "two lenght" of fabric.
A hip's circumference is used in half size.

Back body measurements

Back body measurements

Back width
When you will measure a "Back width" you need put your hands along your sides. The measurement is taken from and to point where your arm meets your body (but not to armpit) about 10 cm below base of neck.

Back length
Lenght of back is mesuared from center of back part a neck, along the spine, to edge of waist line.

Abdomen height
This is the segment from edge of waist line to level where abdomen circumference is maximum.

Hip height
This vertical segment is measured from wais line to the to level where hip circumference is maximum.

Body mesurements for drafting a dress pattern

Shoulder height measuring

Shoulder height (along oblique line).
Place a flexible measuring tape along oblique line from shoulder tip to center of waist line.

Height of armhole on the back

Height of armhole on back.
Place a ruler from under your armpits horizontal and using the flexible measuring tape you can to identify the height of armhole on the back.

Bust span measuring

Bust span (distance between bust apexes).
Height of bust needs measure from beginn a shoulder to bust apexes along oblique line.

Length of front part to waist

Length of front part to waist needs to measure from beginn a shoulder to the waist line through the bust apexes.

1/2 Bust/Chest Circumference I

1/2 Bust/Chest Circumference I (Over the breast nipple).

1/2 Bust/Chest Circumference II

1/2 Bust/Chest Circumference II (Along the breast nipple).

Arm length from shoulder tip to wrist

Arm length from shoulder tip to wrist. Bend arm slightly when measuring.
Wrist circumference over wrist bone.

Tips on how to take measurements correctly

Note: Some measurements you should take with help of someone else.

To do measuring your body correct, you need stay in a habitual position for you. If you are slightly stooping do not need to unduly straighten when you are being measured. If you have a small tummy you do not need 'to suck in' it, etc.

Do not perform measurements on naked body. It is best to take measurements if a subject is wearing only her underwear.

Before taking measurements a lenght of skirt or pants you need to tie an elastic strip around your waist. Take measuring a lenght of skirt or pants along a side your body, taking into account bulge of hips.

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