Turning Right Corners with Bias Binding

How to sew bias tape around right angles

This is third article on 'How to sew bias tape' in which I will show you sewing technique with steps of turning a bias tape around corners at a 90 degree angle (blanket etc.).
Here you will find an easy way how to join together two parts of bias strip at a 45 degree angle also.

Pieces of fabrics that are imitate a corner

For this tutorial I used small pieces of fabrics that are imitate a corner of blanket and one short bias strip cuted by hand.
Steps of cutting and making the bias strips by hand you can find in post: How make bias tape and sew it around a neckline.

First steps of sewing bias binding

Two fabric parts of blanket

Pin both parts of blanket before sewing.
Note: In this learning tutorial I will do one corner of blanket only.

Sewing bias binding to blanket

Before turning the bias binding you need to fasten on sewing machine two or more parts (layers) of blanket together.
Sew with seam allowances 0.5 - 0.7 cm along these edges, as shown.

The seam allowances around blanket

Note: This seam should be hidden after attaching the bias strips. Depending on width of edging, is needed calculate a width of these seam allowances.

How to cut and prepare bias strips by hand

Preparation of bias tape using steam iron

Now is time to prepare the bias tape using steam iron.

Fold bothe bias tape edges together

Fold bias tape edges together, as shown. Between the upper and lower parts of folded strips must be small gap. This trick increases a probability that a sewing machine needle catch second edge of folded tape that is on wrong side of this blanket.

Preparation of bias strips corners

Preparation of bias strips corners

Now we are ready to sew the bias tape around the corner.
First off, start with marking a place where will be an angle on strip during sewing it. You must pre-compute this place (places) and mark each point with a pencil.
From center point draw lines at 45 degree angle, as shown on this photo. The inside angle is 90 degrees.

Trimming a fabric above seams

Now you need to sew along marked lines without reaching edge of tape, as shown. You must stop before the fold line.
Unnecessary portions of the fabric above the seams can be trim with scissors.

How to turn out a corner bias strip on face side

Now we need to turn out the corner of bias strip on face side. It will be easier to do this with pen or other sharp tool.

How to fasten bias tape to blanket edges

How to fasten bias tape to blanket edges

And now we need to attach the bias strip to the fabric on sewing machine. But before you need to place the angles of tape and blanket angles together and pin them.

Center line of folded bias tape

Now pin the bias tape around four corners and along the edges of blanket.
This center line of folded bias tape should pass along edge of blanket. This fold line should not go lower or too high from this edge. It must pass exactly along the line of edge of blanket.

Want to learn how to use double folded bias tape in sewing? In this video shows how stitch double folded bias tape around rounded edges of blanket.

Sewing bias tape around corners

Sewing a bias tape along corners

Now is time to begin making the most difficult matter - to sew a bias tape along corners and edges of blanket with straight and beautiful seam on both sides of tape.

Beginners must to sew a bias tape in two stages

Note: If you have little experience do not try repeating my master class. Beginners must to sew a bias tape in two stages. I recommend for beginners to fasten a tape using basting before sewing on sewing machine.

There are another ways of sewing a bias tape

In this tutorial I show you my own way of turning about corner with bias tape. But you should know that there are other ways.

Start to sew a bias tape from middle of corner

Note: In this training I started to sew a bias tape from middle of one side a blanket. But I recommend you start sewing a bias tape from middle of one corner to next corner of blanket.

Turning right corners with bias binding

Learn to sew on sewing machine! It is not only an interesting hobby but sometimes sewing skills may be very useful matter and profitable. For example, if you can make your own quilt you can save a considerable amount of family budget. In addition, you can earn on this if you can sell your products.

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