How to Sew with Twin (Double Needles)

How to Use a Twin or Double Needle

When sewing clothes, often is required to make the double finishing stitches. Instead of twice doing a straight stitch line, you can use a double (twin) needle.
The use of double needles has its own peculiarities, especially when sewing stretch fabrics.
Here you find the tips for how to use a twin (double) needle on regular sewing machine. Using the double needle you can sew stretchy fabrics and make decorative stitches also.

Can you use a twin needle on a regular sewing machine? How do you use a double needle? What is twin needle stitching and how does a sewing machine needle work? In this video you will know how to use a twin needle on your sewing machine.

Additional pin for the second coil

Additional pin for the second coil

The sewing machines that can sew with double needle have on the top an additional pin for the second coil.

Double needles and usual needles

Double needle and usual needle

Before buying twin needles you need to know something about them. These types of needles come in different sizes like usual sewing machines needles. The main thing that you need to know the twin needles have different distances between both needles (or three needles).
For example: Twin needle having mark 3/80 has size 80 (needle thickness) and 3 mm is distance between left and right needles.

How to set double needles

Remove usual needle and set twin needle. A long groove along the needle should be pointed towards you, just like by setting a regular needle.

Threading double needles

Threading double needles

Pass the double thread through all thread guides including the thread take-up.

Thread between the tension discs

You need insert the double thread between the tension discs, then back up towards the top body and insert it into the hole of thread take-up lever.

Needle spring hooks

Now you need insert the right thread into right spring hook and left thread in the left spring hook.

Threading the needles

Thread the twin needle using same rule.

Bobbin threading

Bobbin case with spool

At the bottom of the seam there will be one thread.

How to pull the lower thread

So you do not need to change anything on bobbin case. In rare cases, it is necessary to slightly strengthen or loosen tension of lower thread.

How to pull out thread through a needle plate

Now you need to pull out the bobbin thread through the hole of needle plate, as shown.

For double needle need to select straight stitch

For double needle need to set straight stitch

Note: When sewing with a double needle select straight stitch.
Please note: If you set on sewing machine zigzag stitch, a double needle will bent and break.

How looks stitch line with two needles

Stitch line with two needles

Here you see how is formed stitch line when is used two needles.

Double stitch on the back side of fabric

On this photo is shown how the double stitch looks from back side of fabric.

Some sewing machines can not to work with double needles

The distance between both needles

Note: Distance between both needles of twin needle must be narrower than a slit width of needle plate.

Some sewing machines can not work with double needles

Most sewing machines can to work with a double needle, but if the needle plate has a narrow flat slit instead of a small round hole for passaging of one needle only.
Note: Sewing machines performing only one straight stitch cannot sew with a double needle. For example, these models: Typical industrial sewing machine or Older sewing machine Singer.

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