How to Adjust Timing on Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machine Textima

The hook tip and a needle's eye on industrial sewing machine must be adjusted in time. From this parameter are depended appearance of many defects such as skipping stitches and breakage upper and lower threads, etc.

Note: Different types of sewing machines need a different process to set hook timing. Here you will find tips on how to fix a hook timing on industrial sewing machine that make straight stitch only.

For this article was used industrial sewing machine Textima 8332.

Bobbin case care and tension adjustment

Bobbin case tension adjustment

Bobbin case of industrial sewing machine looks like bobbin case of home sewing machine having the vertical oscillating shuttle hook system. But there is one difference. Such a bobbin case does not have 'the finger'.
With this screw you can to change the tension of lower thread. Try to less often adjust the thread tension using this screw. And do not rotate the screw more than half a turn.

Bobbins of industrial sewing machine

Bobbins of industrial sewing machines have one difference also. They are slightly thinner than coils for household sewing machines.

Do not use damaged bobbin cases

Industrial sewing machine works at high speeds and if a needle touches a wall of cap then it will be collapsed. Do not use damaged bobbin cases.
Note: Many models of industrial sewing machines have interchangeable bobbin cases.

The gasket for bobbin case

To make a metal bobbin inside a cap rotate silently and easily I recommend place into bobbin case a gasket. This gasket you can cut from paper (plastic file) and add to it a drop of oil.

How to fix a hook timing

How to fix the hook timing

Remove a presser foot and a needle plate.

Clean any parts of sewing machine

Tip: When removing any parts of sewing machine don't forget clean them of dust and dirt.

How to remove a feed dog

To make adjusting a hook timing more conveniently I recommend remove feed dog also.

Why does a top thread keep breaking ?

If sewing machine keep breaking

If your sewing machine keep breaking an upper thread I recommend look on this place.

Shuttle hook clearance

This gap must be very small. But at the same time top thread must pass freely in through it.

Width of gap is regulated with screw

Width of this clearance is regulated here, by this screw.

Place hook tip 1/16 above needle eye

Position a shuttle hook tip

For most sewing machines is used this rule.
Place hook tip 1/16" above a needle eye.
It is very difficult to set its size with a ruler.
Visually, this segment can be compared with size of needle eye.

The position of the eyelet of needle

Here is second parameter that can help you determine position of hook tip correctly.
Look at position of needle eyelet inside shuttle hook device. The eye of the needle should be clearly visible.

The position of the hook tip near needle

Tip of the hook should pass as close as possible to the needle (along scarf), but without touching its surface.

How to move shuttle hook tip

How to move shuttle hook tip

Movement of shuttle device along own axis and around own axis can be done after loosening these two screws that are mounted on shuttle body.

Two screws on shuttle body

Note: These screws must be tightened well.

How to lower or raise a needle bar

Note, that many models of industrial sewing machines have an ability to lower or raise sewing needle. To do this, you need to lift (or lower) a needle bar with needle together.
This industrial sewing machine (Textima 8332) has no such possibility and the sewing needle has only one fixed position.

Industrial sewing needles have a round shank

Note that all industrial sewing machines have a round shank of needle.
Household sewing needles have a shank with flat side.
Be sure, that needle must is inserted until it stops. Then you need tighten a screw with a flat screwdriver well.

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