Thread Tension Regulator of Industrial Sewing Machine

Industrial sewing machine Textima

For those who earn money by making clothes it is necessary to use an industrial sewing machine. Such a machine is able to sew any fabrics, including sewing from genuine leather.
The industrial sewing machine is more reliable and durable than a household sewing machine and can to work all day without interruption. But sometimes it needs to be set up and repaired.
In this article, you will learn how the thread tensioner works and what factors can to influence the thread tension in the stitch.

Industrial sewing machine Textima 8332

For this article, an industrial sewing machine was used industrial sewing machine Textima 8332.

How to disassemble thread tension regulator

Big top nut of tensioner

Unscrew this big top nut and disassemble all tensioner parts.

Parts of the tensioner

Parts of the tensioner of an industrial sewing machine are few, but let's get acquainted with them in detail. Each of them can influence on correct tension of a thread in sewing stitch.

Tension releasing rod

Inside this tension stud must be a tension releasing pin (small rod). This pin pushes top plate aside (3) and loosens a tension of tension discs wich affect on upper thread.

Thread take up wire spring

Thread take up wire spring is next detail that influences on quality of sewing stitch.
It should move with a little effort.

Tension regulator stud

But first you need to look at tension regulator stud on which all tensioner parts are put on. After many years of constant work, a thread during running place can make grooves on surface of this pin. These grooves can cause loops in seam to appear and an upper thread breaking.
If here grooves are, you need to delete them using a small abrasive file.

Regulator tension discs

Notice how two tension discs are put to each other. They should not be put in one another.

Correct position of both tension discs

On this photo shows correct position of both tension discs.
It should be added that the inner surface of both plates should be perfectly clean and smooth.

Felt gasket

Why do we need a felt pad? With this felt gasket during compression and releasing a spring will be less noise.

Tension regulator pressure disk

Now you can put this tension regulator pressure disk having a jumper, as shown.

Tensioner spring

Next you can put a tension spring.

Tension regulator is fully assembled

Tighten the nut to compress the spring. Now you're tension regulator is fully assembled.
But you need to know, if the nut does not compress the spring, needs to insert a flat screwdriver into slot of tension stud (without nut), and slightly extend its halves.

How to thread an industrial sewing machine

Threading an industrial sewing machine

Normal work of tension regulator and correct threading a sewing machine are main conditions for a good looking sewing stitches.
Let's see how to properly thread on this industrial sewing machine.

Thread take up spring

Thread take up spring should slightly pull out the upper thread.
The action of this spring is imperceptible, but without it stitches can have bottom loops and other defects.

The thread take-up lever

The thread take-up lever of industrial sewing machine have a hole. Take a magnifying glass and carefully examine it. Industrial sewing machines work for many years in a constant mode and this hole can get damages (grooves). Sharp edges of grooves can to cut a top thread.

How to thread your sewing machine

You need correctly to thread your sewing machine. Any slightest inaccuracy will appear at high speed working of sewing machine. Most often in this case, top thread will simply break off.

Be sure thread through all guides

Be sure thread through all guides.

Thread tension wire guide

Each of them has its own meaning and will affect a thread tension.

Wire spring guide near a sewing needle

Wire spring guide near a sewing needle.

Insert thread through needle eyelet

Now you need to insert thread end through needle eyelet.

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