Sewing Terms Starting with Letter M

If you want to learn sew you need to know and understand a lot sewing definitions and terms. Here is a dictionary of sewing terms and terminology.
All terms and definitions are explained by professional tailor. To all terms, in addition to the description, is attached photo image.


Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass

With magnifying glass (loupe) is very convenient to do inspection a needle tip, loopers etc. If you have poor eyesight with a magnifying glass can facilitate insertion of thread through needle eye.

Measuring tape
Measuring Tape

A flexible and durable tape with linear-measure markings. Measuring tape is a special sewing tool that used for taking body measurements.


This term implies repairing garments by hand or with a sewing machine and using other sewing tools.


Mitering a corner that is used to joining bias tape around tip 90-degree quilts corners etc.

Motor of sewing machine

All modern sewing machines have an electric motor that provides movement of feet dog, of shuttle hook and of needle bar.

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