Sewing Terms Starting with Letter C

If you want to learn sew you need to know and understand a lot sewing definitions and terms. Here is a dictionary of sewing terms and terminology.
All terms and definitions are explained by professional tailor. To all terms, in addition to the description, is attached photo image.



Chalk is used for marking lines on fabric. These patern lines you need to mark with chalk on wrong side of fabric.

Casing with Elastic
Casing with Elastic

A casing is folded fabric into that holds an elastic band. To make simple casing waistband you need to fold top edge of fabric a skirt or shorts etc. Into this tunnel you need insert an elastic band.
An elastic casing is easy way how to make a waistband for skirt or kids pants.

Full circle skirt
Circle Skirt

Circle skirts can have full circle and half circle form. These skirts models have uniform flowing pleats around waist. Here are easy steps of making a full circle skirt for your daughter 4-5 years old. This skirt has an elastic waistband.

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon is a transparent and delicate fabric that used for sewing women's evening dresses. Work with chiffon fabrics can be difficult. Especially difficult to make hem around bottom line of dress or skirt.

Clutch motor
Clutch Motor

All industrial sewing machines have special clutch motor at which a sewing machine is able to work 24 hours a day without interruption and at a high speed.


Clipping curves is needed during facing of necklines and armholes. You need cut such curves with short cuts which must not reach a seam line.

Corner hems
Corner Hems

There are three ways of sewing around corners hem. This is a way how to sew bias tape around corners having a 90 degree angle (blanket) with a bias strip cutting at 45 degree angle.

Coverstitch Machine
Coverstitch Machine

Coverstitch machine (flatlock sewing machine) is most used for sewing clothing made from knit fabrics. If you need to sew t-shirts or children's clothes of knitted fabrics use a serger and coverstitch machine. Cover stitch is formed by special way. Every coverstitch machine has two or more needles and only one looper.


Kids pants and mens trousers often have cuffs. Here is tutorial how to make trousers with cuffs.

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